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The average Joe isn’t a military trained shooter. The average Joe also probably fires less than 200 rounds a year, which doesn’t necessitate a $1200 optic. I have several AR’s, and I own both EOTech and ACOG optics. I also have a couple clone ACOG’s that work perfectly fine for what I use them for.
Civilians need quality optics at all levels, especially for those among us who have a desire to be prepared yet have to work around a low budget. Atibal is yet another company working away at their take on the ACOG. Their 4x prismatic is a direct ACOG clone without …
This ACOG replica is an illuminated crosshair scope, rather than an optical sight which the TA01NSN is, as it features a 4x32 Scope with a glow in the dark tritium Yellow Center Illumination. This replica is more of a reflex sight rather than an actual marksman scope. Compared to the EOTech 552 replica, this package is well thought of.
10/25/2009 · Trijicon, Inc., the originator and sole marketer of the ACOG® riflescope (Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight) has promised to pursue legal action if necessary against New Century Science & Technology, El Monte, California (aka NcSTAR) to prevent that company from marketing a replica of Trijicon’s popular ACOG®.
Here’s my review on the G&G replica 1-4x Elcan SpecterDR. I did a fair amount of research before purchasing this. I came away with a few important tid-bits, namely: there are only 4 makers of replica Elcan’s out there. Most of them do not have a true 1 – 4x throw lever. Most are also strictly straight 4x.
7/17/2013 · Got a buddy that's got the idea in his head that he's going to buy a real Acog for his VFC M16, I'm trying to convince him it's stupid. I have a replica Acog, logos and all, almost visually identical to a real one, and it works just great for $80. Whats everyone's opinions on real optics for Airsoft guns? Or real steal accessories in general.
Either a 4x ACOG replica w/ iron sights and a doctor sight on top or a CompM4 replica. CompM4 as a back up and the ACOG as my main b/c I have bad eyesight and I'm waiting to fill my prescription inserts. Also, magnifying scopes help with seeing the flight of a BB outdoors.
11/2/2018 · I'm most familiar with the M68 CCO made by Aimpoint, as this was standard issue while I was in (I'm pretty sure it still is), it's pictured here atop this soldier's rifle: Honestly, it's one of the few pieces of military equipment that is really e...
Durable and reliable, the Trijicon ACOG 4x32 illuminates its reticle in low light situations and doesn’t require batteries. The ACOG 4x32 will stand the test of time.
I would say that the real Elcan has a 50 - 75% larger field of view than the replica. It's also 4 times as bright. For some reason the replica just doesn't pass through a lot of light - which is probably the biggest drawback of all. That's not to say it's terrible - in fact, it is better than comparable clone ACOG's.
3/5/2015 · Here are the ways is doesn't amount to the ACOG.-3x zoom as opposed to the ACOG's 4x, however this is only a con by opinion as some might prefer less zoom.-Pretty significantly heavier that the ACOG.-Higher profile design. The tubular Spitfire is about the same in …
I found the green dot to not be sufficiently bright enough to use during the day. it does work nicely for low light or dark conditions, and coupled with an on board weapon light being used, it makes the reticule easier to see. I don’t know how long the battery lasts in the replica, and haven’t found any sources that state it anywhere.
Up for sale is a lightly used Replica ACOG. The optic is non-magnified(1x32) and has a green dot reticle powered by a fiber optic cable. Was used on an airsoft gun. But will hold zero from a.22 No international shipping. No returns. Please ask all questions before auction ends.
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10/20/2010 · I was told that my ACOG spent a little time on the optic bench and now measured better than "average". I was very pleased with the outcome, quality of the work was exceptional, and the scope's performance is superb. I think it was there for a couple of weeks, time (and money) well spent!
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